Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Cooking Class Schedule 1st Quarter 2011

We made it through the party season and now it's time to get back to normal in 2011. The schedule for our cooking classes in the first quarter follows. It's all about fun, good food, and wine. There's even a class with a focus on beer! Cheers and Bon Appetit!

All classes are $35 per person. Ask us how to get 2 for 1! Classes start at 7pm with complimentary wine, cheese, and networking before class begins.

Jan. 13 – Foods of Alsace France: Alsace is located on the border with Germany and is famous for its use of Riesling wine in cooking. From Choucroute Garnie to Escargot to Spaetzle we’ll take you on a culinary journey fusing French and German cuisines.
Jan. 20 – Culinary Traditions of Provence: Provence is one region of France that has more culinary than wine traditions. Heavily influenced by the Mediterranean’s bountiful supply of seafood and beautiful weather, we’ll explore the region where Bouillabaise, Soupe de Pistou, Ratatouille, and Aioli reign supreme. Tomatoes, garlic, and olive oils are staples in Provence.

Jan. 27 – Foods and Wines of Lombardy Italy: Located in northern Italy, Lombardy is farther away from the Mediterranean and relies more heavily on meats than seafood. We will explore Risotto Milanese, Osso Bucco, and Mostarda di Frutta (mustard made with fruit that goes well with many types of meats).

Feb. 3 – Food and Wines of the Tuscan Region: Home to the “Super Tuscans” such as Brunello di Montalcino and the popular Chianti wines, Tuscan cuisine is bold and flavorful. Here we’ll delve into Panzanella, Classic Tomato Sauce and variations, and Valigette (stuffed roulade of beef).
Feb. 10 – Valentine’s Dinner: How to prepare a dinner that’ll knock your sweetie over! They’ll love the food and you’ll love the reward. Oysters with Arugula and Cream, Lamb Chops with Asparagus in Prosciutto, and Strawberries with a Pernod Zabaglione.
Feb. 17 – Southern food at its finest: From signature collard greens to grits and shrimp to the best fried chicken you’ve ever tasted, our chefs will teach you how to cook food guaranteed to make you wanna smack your Momma!
Feb. 24 – Cast Iron Cooking: What’s my favorite pan to cook with? Without a doubt a perfectly seasoned cast iron pan is the way to go. We’ll teach you how to season and care for your cast iron pan and cook up delightful dishes such as Southern Cornbread, Chicken Fried Steak with Pan Gravy, and Caramelized Apples.
March 3 – The Stinking Rose: Cooking with Garlic: Besides being good for your heart, garlic is one of the most revered cooking ingredients in our long culinary history. We’ll teach you simple applications such as Caesar Dressing, Garlic Bruschetta and more complex dishes such as Veal alla Diavola.
March 10 – Traditions of Chilean Food and Wine: Some of the finest wines are now being produced in Chile. We’ll pair the wines with traditional dishes of Chile that date back hundreds of years from Camarones En Salsa Chilena (Shrimp in a Spicy Sauce), Pollo Arvejado (Galician Chicken), and an Andean Winter Fruit Tart.
March 17 – The Foods and Beers of Ireland: You may not believe it, but there is some great food on the Emerald Isle. Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with us and sample Irish Stew with Guinness, Corned Beef and Cabbage with Harp, and Bailey’s Irish Cream Chocolate Mousse.
March 24 – Tenderloin of Beef: Ever notice when you buy a filet mignon at the grocery store it’s never as good as what you get in a restaurant. We’ll show you how to create the steak of your dreams from a whole tenderloin, several wonderful dishes including the old standby Beef Wellington, what to do with the scraps, and suggested wine pairings.
March 31 – Hot Food and Cool Ingredients: Spicy food is popular the world over. From Jambalaya in Louisiana to authentic salsa and guacamole to a spicy Thai chicken soup. We’ll take you on a culinary journey through the world of spicy foods and the best elixirs and foods to extinguish the fire.