Thursday, June 11, 2009

Craziness in the Catering World

Well, as you can tell from the time that has passed since my last post, I haven't had a great deal of time to "hunt and peck" about life in the culinary world! In the midst of this ugly recession, we are having the best year since we started the business over a decade ago. May was especially busy and June is turning out to be one of our best as well. You can tell how busy we are by driving by the house and checking out our yard... doesn't exactly look like a putting green! On the upside, long bermuda is very soft on the feet... just trying to stay one step ahead of the Home Owners Association. Not a big fan of their "fan mail" berating me because the grass is too long, but if I have to trade a brow beating about the state of the grounds at Casa Phillips for good business in times like these, I'll make the sacrifice! Fire up your word processor and send me a letter. I'll take one for the team... then rush home and mow the lawn... I'm brash, but not that brash!

Anyway, please join me in respectfully declining to participate in this recession. No more talking down the economy. No more paying attention to the commercials that say there is "NO END IN SIGHT!". I'm going to live my life, because everyone in the business community that I speak to agrees, things are looking up. So send me your resume' now, because we're going to need the help!

"Please fasten your seat belt and keep your hands inside the car. Things are about to get really exciting!"

Eat Well and Live Well!